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People of the Sea of Flowers

(Still under construction!)

Even though the Sea of Flowers is isolated from the rest of the world, being separated by a wide ocean and occasional break anomalies, it's home to a pretty diverse group of sapient species (I still can't think of a way to phrase that that isn't awkward so I'll alternate between saying "peoples" and "species"). These vary from humans to bý to crows to abyssals, spread between a number of different societies and statelets, though most places aren't completely monolithic in terms of who lives there.

There are three traditional overarching groups of peoples, based on the shared (pseudo-)history of the world:
- Terrestrials, the original inhabitants of the Sea of Flowers
- Ashen, the inhabitants of the companion planet Ashe that settled in the Sea of Flowers after the Great Incursion
- Eldritch, who seemingly appeared from nowhere after the Heavenly Schism between the Sea of Flowers and Ashe
(These terms might show up in notes occasionally, but in-universe there are alterate explanations and not everyone uses this system.)


Bý (Beefolk)

Bý are fluffy insectoids originating from the old clan hives of the Sunbound Plain. They're usually yellow or yellow-orange and rarely scarlet, with black or brown stripes, and have a thicker ring of fluff around their necks. Their eyes are large and oval-shaped, and they have stubby, bent antennae on their heads, translucent wings, and a wide tail with a stinger on the tip.

- You know Commonspeak (spoken and manual) and Dansmál by default. Dansmál is a manual language, so it's quieter but you need visual contact and some mobility to use it.
- You can fly. It's slow, noisy, and can't carry you all that far, but it's an option.
- Your stinger is a natural weapon, and can either slash and parry, or stab. If you stab with it you also deal massive poison damage but you're probably gonna die afterwards.
- You have four arms. You can equip more weapons at a time and hold on to things better, but you also have to get armor made with that in mind, or get it tailored.
- You can (but don't inherently) have heritage with one of the hives. People from the same hive will generally be easier to network with or persuade, but another hive may have a feud with yours and treat you with suspicion because of it.

Moti (Mothfolk)

Hebbikyo (Cactusfolk)

Hebbikyo are green, teal, or rarely orange plantfolk, covered in needles of varying sizes. They have two rabbit ear-like lobes on their heads, along with a few brightly colored flowers. Most are really tall (like 6'0+ on average), and their skeletons are made from long stands of wood.

- You know Commonspeak by default and can take Sotęna for free.
- Your spikes cause body attacks (like punches or tackles) to deal more damage, but wearing heavier armors will block it. Hugs kinda suck.
- Your blood is psychoactive to non-hebbikyo, and will inflict Drunk damage on contact.
- You process water more efficiently, making you less susceptible to Overheat damage.
- The flowers on your head are attuned with the magical field and give you a minor boost to one form of Flow. The flowers are different colors to reflect this (black for snow, orange for light, pink for mineral, yellow for floral, white for blood).

??? (Flytrapfolk)

Parvi (Seabunnyfolk)








??? (Fresno Nightcrawler)





??? (Mycofolk)

??? (Voidfolk)

??? (Freezer)